AC mitigation is designed and installed to decrease the induced voltage on the pipeline. This may be accomplished by installation of different grounding techniques such as linear zinc ribbon and/or grounding rods attached to the pipeline with decouplers for DC isolation. With an exceptional commitment to safety, Mears delivers turnkey AC mitigation services from field surveys to design, installation, and commissioning.

Conditions – When oil and gas pipelines share, parallel, or cross similar HVAC transmission line right of way, electrical interference is a possibility due to  capacitive, inductive, and conductive effects. The main effect of HVAC transmission line on pipelines under the ground while in normal operation, or steady state, is electromagnetic induction. This is caused by the magnetic field produced by the alternating current flowing through the phase conductors of the transmission line combined with the inducing voltage on the pipeline and the pipeline itself.

Conductive interference is the product when the currents are conducted through the soil and into the pipeline. This effect is a major concern when a fault occurs in an area where the pipeline is fairly close to the transmission line and there is a high amount of abnormal currents in the soil.

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AC mitigation for pipelines can be designed, installed, and maintained to minimize the induced voltage on the system. This can be accomplished by installation of grounding techniques, such as grounding rods attached to the pipeline with decouplers for DC isolation and linear zinc ribbon.

With our commitment to safety and excellence, Mears provides complete,  innovative AC mitigation solutions, from engineering and field surveys to construction installation, to cover the unique and demanding requirements of clients.

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