Non-Destructive Testing

Mears Pipeline Integrity Management services are set apart from the typical pipeline Construction Contractor and Inspection Services provider through our complimentary capabilities of Pipeline Excavations and Bell-Hole Direct Examination and Testing Services. Mears Non-destructive testing technicians are:

  • Trained and Certified NACE CP and/or CIP
  • Trained and certified in Non-destructive testing methods per SNT-TC-1A

Non-Destructive Testing Services include:

  • Magnetic Particle
  • Ultrasonic Testing Scanning & Mapping
  • 3D Pit Depth Scanning and Mapping
  • The Mears Corrosion Assessment Tool (T.C.A.T.)

About T.C.A.T.

The T.C.A.T. software can be customized to meet our Clients’ needs. In the field, the software performs automatic data checks and alerts the technician to missing data or required photos. The system interfaces with electronic pit depth tools and ultrasonic thickness instruments for immediate data input. The software generates corrosion grid interfaces with KAPA to provide failure pressure calculations as soon as the corrosion mapping is completed.

Tablet Computer

  • Live entry into the database allows for quality checks to be performed as the data is entered.
  • Remote database synchronization occurs whenever the tablet has wireless service. This remote backup ensures data will not be lost if the tablet is damaged or lost.

SQL Database

  • Database is fully customizable to the client’s tower configuration.
  • All data and pictures collected are stored in a database for enhanced access and analysis to facilitate incorporation into the GIS applications. Risk analysis of all parts of the data.
  • Custom reports summarize the results of testing, risk analysis and tower status.

T.C.A.T. Components

  • Hardware
  • Web‐based database
  • T.C.A.T. software
  • Digital pit gauge
  • Data collections on pipelines

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