Pipeline Services

Let Mears pipeline professionals design a remediation program that completes the integrity process without the need for multiple subcontractors.

  • Pipeline Reconditioning
    • Pipeline Excavation
    • Blasting and Recoating
    • Composite and Steel Repair Sleeves
    • Cased Pipe Remediation
    • Third Party Damage Repairs
  • Construction
    • Excavation for Direct Inspection
    • AC Mitigation Systems
    • Conventional and Linear Anode Installations

Mears in an owner/operator of water and abrasive blasting line travel tools for pipelines from 16-inches to 36-inches. Mears will prepare the pipe surface to the appropriate standards and then apply external corrosion coatings such as two part epoxy formulations.  All recoating projects are carried out under the on-site guidance of trained and certified inspectors.

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