T.C.A.T. For Tower Corrosion Tool


Mears developed the T.C.A.T. application and use tablet computers to enhance data collection and analysis of steel tower corrosion likelihood and long-term project management of tower corrosion concerns.  It includes the following inspection benefits:

Tablet Computer

  • Live entry into the database allows for quality checks to be performed as the data is entered.
  • Remote database synchronization occurs whenever the tablet has wireless service. This remote backup ensures data will not be lost if the tablet is damaged or lost.

SQL Database

  • Database is fully customizable to the client’s tower configuration.
  • All data and pictures collected are stored in a database for enhanced access and analysis to facilitate incorporation into the GIS applications. Risk analysis of all parts of the data.
  • Custom reports summarize the results of testing, risk analysis and tower status.

Risk Analysis

  • A proprietary risk analysis tool can be utilized to prioritize the examination or repair of individual towers or circuits.

Project Management

  • The tower records are managed by using project status ranging from “Proposed” to “Mitigated” or “Repaired,” which enhances the client’s ability to track progress on mitigating the problems identified during the field testing.
  • Sub‐meter GPS is incorporated to accurately locate the tower legs and ensure that the data is logged to the correct leg on the correct tower.

Benefits of the T.C.A.T.