The Lazy Q Ranch is a 2,100 acre cattle ranch near La Grange, Texas, that has been converted to a one-of-a-kind training facility. The training that will take place on the ranch corresponds to Quanta’s two largest revenue producers, the Electric Power segment and the Pipeline segment.

The training that will be conducted at this time includes:

Electric Power:

  • Robotic Arm Training
  • Energized Services Qualifications
  • Bare Hand Live Line Training
  • Insulator Change-out on Energized Transmission Lines
  • Energized Re-conductoring
  • Energized Conductor Spacer and Damper Change-out.
  • Energized Structure Replacement
  • Energized Tapping of Transmission Lines
  • Hot Stick Training
  • Energized Substation Work
  • Any Other Training requiring Steel or Wood Transmission Systems, Energized or De-energized.


  • Training on Pipeline Integrity
  • Training on Cathodic Protection for Pipe Lines
  • Development of Pigging technology
  • Pressurized Pigging Training
  • Assisted Pigging Training
  • Pipe Locating
  • Any Training requested for the Pipeline Industry

The Training Facility takes up a small portion of the 2,100 acre ranch. The rest of the ranch will be a wildlife haven. The native habitat that is necessary for wildlife to thrive is being restored. Native Prairie Grasses are being planted where possible even in the training areas. Management is working closely with the State of Texas to institute numerous wildlife management practices to restore the flora and fauna to a natural balance.